Research + Publications

What do I read and write about?

I am interested primarily in how formal languages can be used to solve debates in philosophy. My dissertation is concerned with how first-order and higher-order logic solve problems in metaphysics, and the ontological commitments of these solutions. Some of the debates I am currently reading a lot include:

I am also very interested in some topics in social ontology, epistemology and choice theory. I really think social ontology is one if not the most interesting area of philosophy and I am specially interested in constitutive rules and their applications in law (if we ever meet and discuss this, get ready, because I am going to recommend you reading John Haugeland, a criminally underrated philosopher). Social epistemology is by far the most interesting part of epistemology and I am very interested in formal and not-formal approaches to it. I especially enjoy reading about expertise, dynamic epistemic logic and (social) feminist epistemology. Social choice theory is a recent interest of mine, I am interested primarily in how it informs the epistemology of democracy, and in the applications of approval voting.

Finally, I really enjoy organizing and attending conferences and other academic events (and also making lots of questions). So if you think I can be of any help for your event, hit me up, I would be more than happy to give a hand. 

Below you can find a list of my writings and an overview of some of the events I have helped organize.

Social choice theory and General social philosophy

Trust in Public Expertise for Public Policy